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Old Time Radio

Like three other friends of mine, I'm now, Saturday, 11 a.m., to appear on Blogtalk Radio's Authors Read program hosted by Lillian Brummet (Conscious Discussions talk radio).

Folks, this is a great resource and readily available to any of you authors out there who wanna read from your books!

For my show, what I'm excited about, is that I was able to send files from the audiobook we're making of my poetry book.

So, if you're able to catch the program or listen to the archive afterwards, you can get a preview of the "Sightlines a Poet's Diary" audiobook!

Click here to hear downhome music recorded in my father's parlor mingled with poems from my mother's section of "Sightlines: A Poet's Diary."

The call-in Number for the show is: (347) 215-8319.

So, love it if you check out our music and poetry reading...and make use of this resource yourself!

What's particularly great that I was able to send the files beforehand.

Because this afternoon my father and I are anchoring a major program at the Godfrey Congregational Church for "Gems of Yesterday: The Poetry and Philosophy of Bee Lewis," our tribute book to my father's mentor that contains 274 poems.

We'll have 5 poetry readers, music, stories...and will be donating all proceeds from book sales to the church where Amelia Lewis, Bee's wife, was so active.

Because we had the audio files available, I won't have to stress about calling in and being in good voice.

I'll be there de facto in the pre-recorded files. It's such a freeing way to work. I love it! A brave new world for me.

I love using the new technology to bring out the truth, beauty, and wisdom, of the past.

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  1. I thought the audio was fantastic Janet. It really hit a nerve of remembering and your poetry was wonderful. What a great way to spend 15 minutes. I will go back and listen to it again, it's inspiring and down home lovable.

  2. Thanks,'s so good to know that you listened and enjoyed! All these remote things....strange sometimes....You are a pal/Hal. May you enjoy your "on air time" soon. Fun to have a circle of friends doing the same thing.

    All the best,

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