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Baiting the Writing Hooks and Reeling It In–by Daniel Holland

Here's Daniel Holland's fanciful description of his writing process.--JGR


I'm good at getting the hooks and baiting the hooks. I'm frustrated though, once my line is in the water. I don't yet know how to play the line so I can get the bites and catch the fish.

There's my line in the water, dangling, with no bites, no fish. But, heh! Fishing is also about enjoying the day and the sunshine, not just catching fish.

My thoughts settle. I see the trees reflected in still water.

O'm'good! There's a bite! The bobber's going crazy. Let me see if I reel this one in.

It's a whopper. What a fish tale this is gonna be!

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  1. This is about as good a description as I've seen anywhere of the writing process. I think it's marvelous! Not only do you describe it through metaphor, but you also show us, demonstrate us, how the process works. Just brillant stuff, Daniel!

  2. Great description of the writing process, Daniel.
    Janet, I've tagged your blog with the Eight Random Facts meme. (It's not a real tag, just a link from my site to yours.) If you want to play - it's a new way of social networking, go to my blog for the rules and my Eight Random Facts. Have fun!

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