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Power of Story: New Dimensions Cafe with Terry Laszlo-Gopadze

“The Power of Hearing a Good Story.” Terry Laszlo-Gopadze in conversation with Justine Willis Toms on the New Dimensions Cafe Podcast. Terry edited “The Spirit of a Woman: Stories That Empower and Inspire” (Santa Monica Press 2010). I’m thrilled that my story “Sliding Glass Door” was chosen to be in the company of such fine […]

“Where the Mountain Takes My,” by Ron Gersten with Gerry Mandel

“”>Where the Mountain Takes Me,” Gerry Mandel’s biographical novel of Ron Gersten’s life, is a good read. From a severly neglected childhood Ron went on to build character deep, wide, and tall. I find the story of Ron’s severely neglected childhood most compelling and moving. It’s what Ron did with his hardships that makes this […]