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MacArthur Foundation Award Fellow: Shannon Lee Dawdy, anthropologist

For the first time I know a MacArthur Foundation Award fellow. Well, almost–by only two degrees of separation. Shannon Lee Dawdy–daughter of my good writing friend Arletta Dawdy–is now one of the distinguished MacArthur Fellows. Shannon, 43, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Chicago. Shannon’s work in “anthropology combined […]

SCN Conference: Circles of Conversations

Barbara Jo Brothers, of San Antonio (nee New Orleans), and discuss levels of losses in New Orleans after Katrina…how there are subtle losses, far more reaching and harder to reconstruct than the buildings. How are these subtle losses to be healed? Loss of relationship? The loss of how places were before Katrina…and all the way […]

Black Rep “Othello” director Chris Anthony explores connections, connotations, revelations in conversation with each other

At the bottom of this post you’ll see several links leading you to responses to the St. Louis Black Reperatory Company’s production of “Othello.” Some I feel are reactionary and some responsive. But, here, speaking directly for herself from the “Othello” program notes is Chris Anthony. —JGR From Chris Anthony’s letter in the “Othello” prograM […]

Joseph LaMarque: St. Louis Artist…His art career sprang from home training and he sees art as a part of everyday living.

This conversation with Joseph LaMarque is the seventh in my series of profiles on African-American fine artists and leaders of cultural organizations in St. Louis which now include (in alphabetical order): Rene Dimanche Jr., Ron Himes, Joseph La Marque, Edna J. Patterson Petty, Robert Powell, Freida L. Wheaton, and Rochleigh Z. Wholfe for a total […]