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Ask the Creative Catalyst: Make new stuff? Promote old stuff? “It’s driving me nuts.”.

It’s a truism that artists would rather dodge promotion as much as dodging a bullet. There are holes in that, of course. Some creative folks enjoy creating promotion as much as creating the the work itself. However…for those of us who are timid and sometimes thwarted by promoting our work, here are some thoughts. All […]

Creative Catalyst: Doodling a Body of Work

Dear Creative Pals, I’m part of a blogging consortium for Story Circle Network’s blog “Telling Her Stories.” My monthly column is Creative Catalyst. This month’s topic is building a body of work. I use my experience learning how to make digital art using the Doodler app on my smart phone. It’s been great fun to […]

“Bravo!” for “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry & Music”

Marcel Toussaint and I met through the St. Louis Writers Guild. Besides being a brilliant and productive Poet-Lyricist-Novelist, I can attest that Marcel is a dream on the dance floor–as I discovered at a STL Writers Guild party. Marcel was also kind enough to respond to the sample from “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in […]

Creative Parenting: “Another Way of Seeing,” by Khadijah Lacina. Trash? Look again.

Khadijah Lacina is a regular guest columnist for Riehlife on Creative Parenting. This post is number three in the series. Khadijah and I met through Story Circle Network. She lives in Yemen where she facilitates a writing circle. In her series of articles on Riehlife, Khadijah shares how she stays sane by encouraging and nurturing […]

Creative Practice: Rhythm & Recurrence

Our most vital repetition is the breath and the heart beat. All art practice is based on repetition as we attain mastery. It’s practice, right? Music, dance, theater, visual art, and writing. These are called “disciplines” of course, because they require discipline. Repetition is how we get there. As musicians we practice scales. As artists […]

Creative Parenting: “Poverty as Creative Catalyst,” by Khadijah Lacina

Khadijah Lacina is a regular guest columnist for Riehlife. Her previous post was “Creative Parenting: My Head Is Full of Poems.” This post is number two in the series. We met through Story Circle Network. In her series of articles, Khadijah shares how she stays sane by encouraging and nurturing creativity in herself and her […]

Blog Duet: How do we connect to and nurture our creative path?

Selena Wolff is a recent Blogging Buddy. Her site is Solitary Words: Finding Spirit Through Writing. It’s exactly what it says! Selena contributed a guest post to Riehl Life on “Finding Your Voice.” From blog comments to emails to guest post to telephone conversation, gradually our connection grew stronger. Today we’re sharing our views on […]

“Finding Your Voice,” by Selena Wolff

I met Selena Wolff when she left a long, insightful comment on my Creative Catalyst column for Telling Her Stories. Her newest blog is Solitary Words. When I asked her the origin of the beautiful name, “Selena,” she said “Selena is from Spain; mine comes from Selene, goddess of the moon!” Selena lives in NW […]

11 Creative Nudges for 2011

Happy creative 2011. Here’s my first post of 2011 for Telling Her Stories, a blogging collaborative focused on memoir. My column is “Creative Catalyst” (thus the title below). 11 Creative Catalyst Nudges for 2011

Set up your own writing retreat! Cheap and easy does it.

Retreating to Advance: Do-It-Yourself Writing Retreat Have you ever wanted to go on a personal writing retreat that you organize yourself? This post for Story Circle Network gives you the complete map to do just that. This post is part of the Creative Catalyst column I write monthly.