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Blog Action Day: Water

It’s Blog Action Day. The theme this year is WATER. My blogging buddy Damaria Senne of South Africa has written an insightful post on her blog Story Pot about water in an African village. I told her that: Your story of the place water plays in the lives of village people all across Africa is […]

Blog Action Day: Climate Change (Readers Write)

For this year’s Blog Action Day’s topic on Climate Change, I asked Riehlife readers to share their observations and village wisdom. Here’s a sampling. –JGR _____________________ Xian Yeagan (Lake County, N. California…gonzo artist) sent this poem: Climactic Chains All Summer in California it was dangerously hot and dry. Until last week. Today it is cold […]

Blog Action Day: Poverty in the Great Depression. “The Kind of People that We Are”—a poem by Erwin A. Thompson

Blog Action Day is today, with a focus on Poverty. Currently 9,394 Sites with an audience with more than 10,612,112 readers are registered in Blog Action Day 2008. Last year, I participated when bloggers focused on the Environment. Read my post on how it’s “Easy to be green at the Carelton Hotel in San Francisco.” […]