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“Where the Mountain Takes My,” by Ron Gersten with Gerry Mandel

“”>Where the Mountain Takes Me,” Gerry Mandel’s biographical novel of Ron Gersten’s life, is a good read. From a severly neglected childhood Ron went on to build character deep, wide, and tall. I find the story of Ron’s severely neglected childhood most compelling and moving. It’s what Ron did with his hardships that makes this […]

Medicine for Memoir Scandals: Truth or Consequences for Margaret Seltzer, aka Margaret B. Jones, and others suffering from genre confusion

Tracking the Fallout of (Another) Literary Fraud By MOTOKO RICH Click here to read about the author of “Love and Consequences” who confessed she “made up the memoir about her supposed life as a foster child in gang-infested South-Central Los Angeles, the focus turned to her publisher and the news organizations that helped publicize what […]