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It’s all happening at the Lake (County, that is)

I have a wonderful set of friends who I make sure to visit when I’m in Lake County. Daniel Holland is my chauffeur and host. He takes me back and forth to the Sacramento airport–about a 2 hours drive. Now that’s a friend! I caught a break in the weather–paradise. We ate on Daniel’s front […]

Creative Practice Dialogue between Alethea Eason & Janet Riehl

Alethea Eason commenting on the post “Building a Creative Practice is not for whimps” said: I believe that having regular session to do creative work is essential, but it may not be practical to have this occur every day, especially with a full time job, family, etc. I used to feel I was “failing” because […]

“Getting to Know You” blogging Meme…ta-da-ta-da…”Getting to know what to say…”

Sing along, now, everybody, all together: “Getting to know you, Getting to feel free and easy When I am with you, Getting to know what to say” That’s the essence of the “Getting to Know You” blogging meme which Isabella Mori of Change Therapy has just tagged me to participate in. Poinsetta, December-child’s flower DECEMBER […]

“Hungry,” by Alethea Eason reviewed by 13-year old Emily Robbins on Reader Views Kids

Here are two links to learn more about the wierd and wonderful world of my friend Alethea Eason’s book “Hungry”. HUNGRY by Alethea Eason 1) Click here to read a review of HUNGRY by Alethea Eason on Reader Views by 13-year-old Emily Robbins. This review was just picked up by Reuters. Way to go, Alethea! […]