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Blog-of-the-month: Come on, tell us. What are your passions?

February is here, that month of hearts burning to burnish romantic love relationships. What if February became a month celebrating all types of love? Why not send Valentine's cards to everyone, not just our sweetie, as we used to do in grade school?

What are the loves and passions of your life? Comment below to join the discussion.

Share those flavonoids and antioxidants: wrap some chocolate.

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  1. My passion is radio and informing people on my radio talk show on community radio KPFZ 88.1 FM, Lake County CA. There are lots of issues out there that people need to know about and get fired up about. I try to do this. In addition, I have reactivated the Green Party of Lake County and put on monthly meetings whether anyone comes or not.

  2. My passion? Writing, writing, and more writing!

    That writing is the best state of living and enjoying myself was obvious to me since childhood. Engaging in writing had a strong personal sense of involvement on the level of thought as well as that of emotion. Driving characters to move, and speak, and interact was like a creative adventure unsurpassed by any other in its appeal. And the wonderful thing about this passion/hobby was that it gave you a lasting sense of achievement, even though it was not anywhere near publication or winning praise from others.

    With time, my passion for writing has grown. More than twenty years after my first experience of writing, I published four books and numerous articles, essays, blogs, and what not. The passion is growing all along with no looking back. A very important aspect of my writing life is that I have found the best of friends in the writing world. It seems to connect me to people that I found amazing.

    There is always more to do in the world of writing, and more to be proud of.

    Thank you Janet for allowing to express our passion for writing on this page!

  3. Ghia,

    KPFZ 88.1 FM in Lake County is a strong community station. So many people have put their hearts and souls into their work there to make it that way. Thanks for adding your passion to the station to build culture in Lake County, California.


    You've always amazed me with your productivity; books in several genres, journalism, editor of "Recovering the Self." What energy and intelligence you've applied to offer your talent. Thanks for the hymn of praise to writing.

    Janet Riehl

  4. I was overjoyed at your suggestion that Valentines Day be a Celebration of all types of Love! One year ago, when I was still fairly new to blogging, I posted an entry with basically that theme.

    I've added the link if anyone would like to check it out. I'm currently in the midst of this years Valentine Post and it seems to be taking on a theme of gratitude so far
    Peace and Happy Love Day,

  5. Jenny,

    I especially love this line:

    "So I've decided today is a day for going with the flow, for feeling more than thinking, and yeah I'll probably do some laundry."

    Keep on flowing, Kiddo.

    Janet Riehl

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