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Submit Your Valentine’s Day Stories to Third Coast Digest

My friend Holly Banks introduced me (via Facebook) to Tom Strini
Senior Arts Editor and partner of the Third Coast Review. They worked together at Halpin Music in Alton, Illinois during the early seventies. She taught piano and he taught guitar. We both attended SIUE at the same time. Since then he has been the arts journalist for the Milwaukee paper and is now writes for the Third Coast Digest."

Third Coast Digest is collecting Valentine's Day stories. Do you have a good one--or better yet, a horrible one--to share? Email your tale to managing editor Erin Petersen,

Third Coast Digest offers Milwaukee's most innovative coverage of arts and culture - theater, dance, visual art, music and film, plus local news and opinion. Applause for Editor Tom Strini and the fine staff.

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  1. I would like to submit the following poem to you, and ask if you publish you kindly email a link to let me know??? Hope you like it.

    An Ode to an Angel

    As your sender today, my name I can't say,
    But this is how Valentine's should play,

    The following verse, is meant from the heart,
    So Take a deep breath then you may start.

    When one speaks of love, one can simply say words,
    And there's no value without further actions,
    So one day we shall be, hand in hand you & me,
    Only us two alone, no distractions.

    When I've looked in your eyes, you have froze me in time,
    And there is only you that has done this,
    From your hair to your lips, to the swing of your hips,
    You’re angelically fine and idyllic.

    This may all seem remiss, when we haven't yet kissed,
    And yet nor do I need to or want to,
    To just think of your face, and its elegant grace,
    Is but all that I ask at this moment.

    There is naught that will stop us, when we're both arm in arm,
    & throughout the journey, I'll keep you from harm.
    Your nature is flawless, and I wish to protect,
    Your heart and your soul, as you're really perfect.

    Though I long for the time, and the day you'll be mine,
    So these words can be felt and not spoken,
    What a force we will be, together, you'll see,
    As our hearts intertwine with loves token.

    This is from me to say,
    Happy Valentine's Day.

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