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Second Mile Award 2010 honors Erwin A. Thompson at 95

My father, Erwin A. Thompson, turns 95 this November 9th.

My birthday present to him is to establish an annual Second Mile Award. The holder of the 2010 award receives:

--a $500 honorarium,
--a certificate designed by my niece,
--publication on Riehlife of the nomination essay.

The deadline for nomination essays is November 9, 2010--my father's birthday. He'll join me in reading the essays to determine the holder of the 2010 Second Mile Award.

The Second Mile Award honors Elders 75 years and older whose dignity, character, creativity, and connection to community have contributed to the world around them.

My father based his life on the parable of the Good Samaritan: Matthew 5:41: “And whosoever shall compel you to go a mile, go with him, go twain."

To find out how to nominate an Elder, learn more about the award, the meaning of the Second Mile, and my father's life click on the Second Mile Award tab. Make sure to read "Who is Erwin A. Thompson?" and "What is the Second Mile?"

What better way to voice the Village Wisdom for the 21st Century that Riehl Life is dedicated to?

Thanks to my blogging buddy Eden Maxwell who suggested the idea.

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  1. Dear Janet,

    What a wonderful idea! Your father must be such a special man in your family's life. Thank you for the opportunity to write about my father-in-law, Thomas B. Applewhite. The essay gave me much pause to reflect.
    Claire Applewhite

  2. Claire,

    Yes, Pop is an inspiring example of aging gracefully after a full life of consistently living a life of service. There are so many Elders who embody these values. I feel honored to read their stories.

    Janet Riehl

  3. Dear Erwin:

    A robust and healthy Happy Birthday to a man for all seasons.

    The indomitable Mr. Fox speaks to me daily.

    Your temperament is an inspiration.

    Be well,


  4. Dear Eden,

    I'm glad Mr. Fox is still on the job!

    Once again, thanks for the idea of creating an award to honor my father. It is a good birthday present for him, and has been a learning experience all around.

    Pop has had a grand birthday week with a big party and a small family outing. The Old Boy's still got it.

    Janet Riehl

  5. It is a privilege to read about your dad and to know a 95-years-young man here in my hometown who exemplifies Erwin A Thompson's spirit of the Second Mile. Thank you, Janet, for posting this essay contest and giving us a chance to honor the ordinary man who is living an extraordinary life. Notice he didn't LIVE it already - - - he is alive, vibrant, and still living it. I pray that such is the case with your dad, too. Happy Birthday, Erwin. May you have many more!! Tom, his family, and I look forward to the posting of the winning essay ;o)

  6. Jan,

    As we read your essay celebrating Tom Hoe and the life he continues to passionately live, we were astonished at the number of parallels with my father's life. Your tribute is beautifully written to reflect Tom's vibrancy and contribution to community.

    Yes, my father still rides the tractor, plays music, calls square dances, writes novels and photo documentation books, charms visitors, finds himself on the from page of the local newspaper for Father's Day--and who knows what all else. His body moves glacially slowly these days, but his determination and usefulness is in no way diminished.

    Janet Riehl

  7. I suspected that was true of your father, Janet. Like Erwin, Tom also is moving more slowly, but it's a little faster than "glacially" slow. That was a delightful expression (which probably would not delight him at all)! The day I notified Tom of his win, Veteran's Day, he was at the local nursing home (The Manor) presenting awards to honor the veterans who live there. He was soooo excited!! Thank you again.

  8. Jan,

    Aren't they wonderful men? Daddy himself remarks that it takes longer to mull things over, speak, and move. He's pretty frank about aging, but isn't one to complain. I doubt Tom is either.

    How wonderful that Tom was presenting awards to veterans at the nursing home. Daddy has played for nursing homes for years and loves it!

    Janet Riehl

  9. This is great. As the bard had already observed: All's well that ends well.

    Congratulations Tom. Your karma brings it all home.


  10. Eden,

    Once again, thanks for the inspired idea you gave me late September for dedicating an award to my father. It's been an interesting journey of shaping your idea into a contest that has been good all around.

    Janet Riehl

  11. Hi Janet:

    Your appreciation is heartfelt.

    And what a wonderful position to be in—reading about living and breathing exemplary people, and telling the "world" about them.



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