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We interrupt all-mother’s day programming to bring you a…Scam report!

We interrupt all-mother's day programming to bring you a...Scam report!

Yes, friends, my email has been hacked. You have received a message that I'm stranded in London. Would you wire me money?

Luckily, I am not stranded in London. I am not in London a'tall. I do not need you to send me money.

Don't email me at my current address until I get this cleared up. My webmistress will put up a new contact form by the end of the day.

I've been doing damage control all day:

--Report to Western Union
--Cancelling all cards
--Sending messages on Twitter and Facebook
--Preparing a Riehlife update
--Taking both desktop and laptop computers in for a security evaluation
--Filled out the Google form for compromised accounts. The Rats don't have phone support. We'll start timing them...about now.
--Setting up a new gmail account
--changing password information on frequently used on-line accounts.

The heartening things that have come out of this experience is:

--It happened before I really did travel, so I'm able to do what I can now.
--Friends have realized that it's a scam and not me. Not my voice. Not what I'd do.
--Friends have called me all day to make sure I know, give practical advice, perspective, and even a few laughs.

Hey, give mama a little sugar. Just keep sending that love! That'll help relieve the sting of being scammed and spammed.

Thanks for all the support you've offered.

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  1. Ouch! Sorry you had to deal with this kind of ugliness, Janet. I was about to email you right back when it dawned on me that I wouldn't be the only one to have received this. Now I'm wondering…should everyone who got the scam also change their email address? In your talk with various folks while you were reporting this, I wonder if you heard anything reassuring about that?
    Again, my sympathies. But you sound upbeat and proactive, and seem to have done all the necessary responding, so perhaps this will turn out to be a small blip rather than a big one.
    All the good springtime wishes to you, Janet. And a little extra for comfort.

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