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Riehlife Poem-of-the-day: “The Sparrow,” by Rhonda Esakov

Rhonda Esakov is a sister member of Story Circle Network. I met her when we both belonged to an SCN online support group. You can read her Story Circle Network reviews online.

She's kindly responded to my call for April poems. Here's her introduction to "The Sparrow," which she refers to as "my little novice poem." --JGR


"The Sparrow" tells the story of a little bird that flew into my window one day when something scared the flock cheeping outside my office. Then, as I went to the door to see what it was, my lab scooped it up in her mouth! Anyway, you'll see.

Other than Haiku, I don't do poetry. I have no training what-so-ever. My writing process? I call it 'fit in the cracks'. Whenever I have a moment between three jobs-- volunteer work, mother, wife, house-slave--I read, review and write. Usually I work at night after I put everyone and everything to bed.

This little poem was different because it struck me (like the bird striking the window) in the middle of the day, and simple as it is I had to put it down on paper.

Thanks for your wonderful poet soul and all you do to keep words alive!

The Sparrow
by Rhonda Esakov

Hungry, hungry
We search through the leaves
Something tasty
Must rest in the trees.
Alert, alert!

Somebody cries
Fly away home
before one of us dies.
WHAM, fall
I’m stunned - can’t bend
A glimpse of a window
and darkness descends.

Warm, wet
How can that be?
I hold very still.
What’s happened to me?

Hold, hold
Don’t move a bit
A light comes back on,
Could this be it?

Gasp, yelling
“Ruby dog, DROP!”
The trembling wet mass
lands with a plop.

Shush, shush
Poor little thing
I’ll set you free
to enjoy the spring.

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  1. Lovely poem, Rhonda. Your juxtaposition of the window and darkness in the second stanza is especially striking--what allows us to see nature can harm the nature we see. Yet we can be healing as well. Thank you.

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