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Poetry Out Loud Video Highights from AHS Competition

Last Saturday I was one of a panel of four judges for the regional Poetry Out Loud contest at Alton High School (Illinois). My fellow judges included the city editor of the Telegraph newspaper, a popular radio host, and the Madison County tax assessor. It was both fun and funny to be part of this illustrious hometown group of men.

These video highlights from the Riverbender shows why I found judging contestants difficult. They are all good. Though, I will say my top picks did snag the top spots.

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  1. This is wonderful! Teenagers need poetry, really good poetry, almost more than anyone else. Performing a work, memorizing it and making the feeling your own, seems a great way to grow poetry-love as well as other skills. And they did it so well! Good for you for giving them your time, Janet.


  2. Dear Susan,

    I'm glad you had a chance to watch the students performances. There were 16 in all during the contest and each was outstanding.

    You are so right that memorizing and performing a poem is a good way to take it in and have it forever.


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