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Litmocracy’s Unpublished Book Contest

Dave Scotese, Litmocracy's founder announces a contest for unpublished books. The prize is $1,000 dollars and no-cost book publication. This contest runs in ten rounds. It's purpose is to encourage authors with talent who are unrecognized in the mainstream publishing world.

Dave says, "The publishing industry is lax in identifying new authors; hundreds of thousands of excellent writers are without a forum for their voices to be heard.

In Litmocracy’s unpublished book contest, all participants--readers and authors alike--review the synopses in groups.

Then the overall group scores determine what is considered the best work. Out of a series of contests authors then judge each other and be judged until one winner emerges.

Submit your unpublished book (40, 000 to 100, 000 word) now. Guidelines and FAQs are available online at Litmocracy.

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  1. Thanks Janet!

    Litmocracy also publishes a quarterly magazine with all kinds of writing in it - fiction, poetry, news items and philosophical essays. Litmocracy was instrumental in getting the corrupt president of Thomas More college to resign. We look forward to promoting thought and communication through the written word. Come join us!

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