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Transcendent Twig Sculpture

Lloyd Kleine Harvey with Suzanne Tucker

Lloyd Klein Harvey has been a friend of mine since the late 1990s. He sponsored my Peace Flag workshop in his Art from Recycled Materials studio at the City Museum. We started the Peace Project at the Millennium. Since then, I've moved to St. Louis and seen his artwork evolve. I've become a collector of both his graphic work and the twig sculptures.

Lloyd and I often communicate via mail art. I save everything he sends me as they are infused with his precise graphic skills and spiritual study. I've become a collector of his twig sculpture.

He's been a dear friend for such a long time now. He was there for me when my sister died in 2004 and my mother was near death at the hospital. He was there to escort me to the airport on the metro link in 2008 as I launched upon my return trip to Ghana.

Through the interconnection of friendship I discovered that my webmistress and upstairs neighbor Ria Sharon knew of Lloyd and his work. Her Mommy Manual partner Suzanne Tucker is also a friend of Lloyd's. She shot the video of Lloyd's work that leads this post.

May his work flourish to spread its benefit and beauty.

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  1. talk about connection!! 🙂 i just happen to bump into your site here with posting of lloyd's beautiful work and my visit with him. thank you for spreading the beauty and stillness that is Lloyd Kleine Harvey and his work via your site.
    Suzanne Tucker, aka ZenMommy

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