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“Mindfulness saves hassle”: Key thought for locked keys

Video Credit: Drake, on October 14, 2008, put Carl Thomas's video Emotional with the music to K'jon. Actual title for the song is "On the Ocean." Watch the official video of "On the Ocean" with the complete song (and more down to earth visuals).

So, there I was, pulling into the parking spot inside the Chase Park Plaza (STL) garage. Listening to my current favorite R&B song "On the Ocean" by K'jon I couldn't bear to turn off the melodic flow of longing and celebration. I didn't. I waited until the very last sigh. Ahh....

And, then...locked the car, jumped right out--only to discover that I'd left the keys in the ignition. Now, I used to keep the legendary spare key under the car. But, I'd stopped doing that. The windows were rolled up tight and my trunk was locked. I've been known to crawl through the hatchback to liberate my car. I've been known to get into my car with a coat hanger successfully. But, those avenues were out.

Never mind. I remained in a surprisingly good mood for being locked out of my car...on my way to a restorative yoga class no less. I have some friends among the valets and doormen at the Chase. I went to find Elzee to ask, "Anybody here good at breaking into cars?" We shared our stories, and allowed as how I'd better call AAA.

At Sante, my health club, I asked the guy at the counter if he'd look up the AAA number so I'd have a contact after I got out of class. Always good to have a plan. Takes the sweat out of any problem. After my restorative yoga class (and, it was restorative) Josh provided me with the number and I rang for roadside assistance. The telephone voice couldn't have been sweeter. I'd wait upstairs at the valet station until AAA came.

Couldn't have been a cozier place to wait. I chatted with Rod and asked him to keep an eye open for the AAA truck. I visited with John, Wendell, and D'shon. The Christmas decorations glittered on the lobby tree and the arrangement on the big round table. It was crazy as folks rushed in for the Boys and Girls Club Fashion Show. I blended in to give directions to the ballroom.

The concierge wasn't there, but I had my friends on the job. Rod motioned me that the AAA truck was parked on the curb and I strode to meet it. How would we get into the garage? Was it tall enough for the truck? Could he get in for free? No worries, Tanya took care of us and he was set to whisk in and out.

Breaking into a car has evolved new tools. You'd be surprised how easy it is. Watching him do this in a flash with the right tools tempted me to just leave the car unlocked from now on. A real thief could drive off in my car in no time at all.

Still smiling, thankful there were no compounding troubles, I reminded myself of something Sogyal Rinpoche often says: "Mindfulness saves hassles." Indeed it does. I resolved in future to pause, check all the controls, and breathe before leaping out of my car.

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  1. I can't believe how cool and relaxed you remained, Janet. The last time I locked my keys in the car was 1977. I was still driving my 1969 Firebird. That was very easy to "break in" to. All it took was a coat hanger and a spoon. The spoon maintained the gap so I could easily slip the coat hanger down the inside of the window. As for the new tools..yes it has become a high-tech art form. I had my Jeep stolen by pros several years ago. The took it right out of a busy parking lot at my office.

    All I can say is the music and the yoga must have had a powerful influence on you to remain so calm. I'd be tearing my hair out.

  2. Kendra,

    I can't believe how cool and calm I was either. As soon as I slammed the door I knew what I'd done, and just laughed. Ack! It turned out to be an interesting adventure because I was in a safe warm place, had good people to help me, and was provident enough to have AAA.

    I carry jumper cables so I can solve that problem myself...whether for me or someone else. I've found I can always get someone to give my car a jump start within 10 minutes--even in the underground parking lot at the airport.

    Self-reliance is a good thing. And, when that fails, community is even better.


  3. I too carry cables. Everyone should. KB

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