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Gold Medal Award goes to…”Worth Remembering: The Poetry of Our Heritage”


My father, Erwin A. Thompson, turns 94 this November 9th. What could make a better birthday present than winning an award for a book you put a lifetime of heart into?

That's just what happened when his poetry book "Worth Remembering: The Poetry of Our Heritage--a family and friends poetry anthology and some of the stories" won a Gold Medal Award.

We'll pick up the Stars and Flags book award during Veterans Homecoming Week in Branson, Missouri. It'll be a family trip with my brother Gary Thompson and his wife Patty joining Pop and me.

Click here for a list of the winners.

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  1. My best thoughts for the birthday "boy" Edwin.

    I find a kinship with Janet and her father on many levels—especially that rarity—daughter and father collaborate.

    This reminds me of my late mother Adele who also worked with me on many writing projects, including my latest book: An Artist Empowered.

    Edwin—you are the man!


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