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“Africa is a continent, not a country!”

"Africa is a continent, not a country!" Have you noticed that folks all too often flatten out the mind-spinning variety of African topography, countries, cultures, languages, beliefs, architecture, conflicts, joys and referring to the single word "Africa"? It's easy to do. I've done it myself. But, remember the nuance. Remember the vastness.

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  1. So very true, Janet. I guess part of the challenge is that many people in the Western world do not travel to Africa, so they have no concept of the vastness, and the differences. And mainstream reporting sometimes gives the impression that one country is the same as the other; and they all face the same challenges.

  2. After reading Dark Star Safari by Paul Thereoux, I wasn't sure I wanted to go anymore, But, Africa even in it's most tragic aspects still holds an enduring appeal. I will go. Soon, I hope.

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