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Sightlines Blog Tour Week 8 and Featured Video: Licensing & Copyrighting with Greg McNey

Week Eight July 20-24

This is the next-to-last week of the Sightlines blog tour. Watch the featured video with guest Greg McNey (see full story), an expert on licensing and copyrighting. Comment on the video and win a chance for a free copy of "Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music."

20 Bookland Heights features Janet's audio book in a short interview. This is a follow-on to last week's post on Elder Power and Collaboration on WOOF!

21 Damaria Senne (pronounced Da-maria Sen-nay) interviews Janet on “Story Pot: A Writer’s Online Journal”. Story Pot cooks the complexities of modern African life with traditional spice.

Damaria is an award-winning writer based in Johannesburg where I visited her in August 2008. She kindly arranged for me to visit her family in her home village. We are long-time blogging buddies, exchanging posts.

Damaria’s current focus includes relationships, HIV and AIDS, and career development. Damaria's first children’s book The Doll That Grew was published by Macmillan SA in 1993. Her second reader, Boitshoko (“perseverance” in Setswana) was listed by Heinemann SA in 1996 and translated into 4 languages.

22 Hal Manogue interviews Janet on his blog where he shares insightful thoughts for the 21st century and considers that the now is waiting.

Hal’s main website invites us to live an ordinary life in a non-ordinary way. Hal is a poet and essayist who authored the books: Short Sleeves Insights, Short Sleeves Spirit Songs, and Short Sleeves: A Book for Friends.

Hal is a long-time blogging buddy. He read the introduction to Janet’s audio book. He lunched with Janet and Yvonne at the Yellow Porch on her first trip to Nashville when she recorded the studio portion of Sightlines and met Scott Kidd, her audio engineer. Hal met with Janet again when Janet returned to Nashville this year for her celebration launch dinner with the team that made the project possible.


This is the eighth and final video in the series.

Title: Sightlines Blog Tour Video #8: Interviews with Greg McNey (stage 4, legal) & Yvonne Perry
Description: Interview with Greg McNey who makes the licensing and copyright phase crystal clear.

Watch for Yvonne Perry coming in around 7:25 marker. Yvonne owns the writing service “Writers in the Sky” (WITS). Yvonne and I became blogging buddies after “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary” came out in 2006. Hal Manogue, my other Nashville blogging buddy introduced me to Yvonne and suggested I contact her about being a guest on her weekly podcast.

I had planned a trip to meet with both Yvonne and Hal in 2008 which led to the beginning of the audio book project. Yvonne was my lucky rabbit’s foot that led me to my audio engineer Scott Kidd…Yvonne's son-in-law.

Length: 9:57 minutes with Yvonne Perry appearing at 7:25 marker
Videographer: Scott Kidd

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  1. Hi Janet,
    I enjoyed Greg McNey...and his dimples. In fact, the interview posed a question for me. I just finished a short story in which I quote the chorus to "You Are My Sunshine." I wonder if I've given enough credit to the ocmposer and lyricist by adding their names at the end of the story: Words and Music by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell, 1931." I know you can't give legal advice, but wonder if you have any thoughts on this? or if anyone else does?
    It was also nice to put a face and name to Yvonne Perry...very pretty! And I love your hat!

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