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Sightlines Blog Tour Week 6 & Featured Video: Stages 6 (Production & Marketing) & 7 (Celebrate)

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Week Six July 6-10

July 6 Molly Lundquist welcomes Janet for a guest post, review, book club suggestions, and Midwestern recipes at Lit Lovers, a well-read community dedicated to books and book clubs

July 8 Janet Muirhead Hill interviews her sister-Janet (there is a club of us Janets!). We chatted about bereavement and childhood.

Janet Muirhead Hill is the author of the Miranda and Starlight series of books for children as well as the founder of Raven Publishing. Check out her two websites at: and Janet and I are both members of Women Writing the West. Janet has written several guest posts for Riehlife on critiquing and rejection.

July 10 Susan Gallacher-Turner interviews Janet on We chat about my visual art career and creative process.

Susan's Art & Words where Susan shares insights on living the creative life with essays, interviews, book reviews and articles. Her main website is where you’ll see images of her beautiful work.


Title: Sightlines Blog Tour Video #6: Stage 6 (Production & Marketing) & Stage 7 Celebrate!

Description: Stage 6: Production and Marketing. The product arrives: 50 boxes contained 20 audio books. What to do? Janet stacks them in the corner of her upstairs office (the “Cowboy Room”) at Pop’s house. Moving into promotion and marketing stage. Intro to launch dinner in Nashville, Stage 7: Celebration.

Length: 7:23 minutes
Videographer: Scott Kidd

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