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Sightlines Blog Tour Video #3: Stage 1–Recording

Title: Introduction & Studio Part 2

Description: Recording begins, stage 1. Janet and Scott continue chatting about 1) How Scott eased Janet’s initial terror; More detailed information on his studio set up; 3) working process of their 2-day (8 hours) recording session in Nashville.

Length: 8:20 minutes

Videographer: Scott Kidd

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  1. This was a fun video to watch. Tucker saves the day!

    You appear very calm and centered, chere Janet.

    xoxo, MaryAnn

  2. Janet,
    Just fooling around a bit to see exactly how these things work. Returned from trip to English Channel around 4 am
    Saturday. Taking a few days to get back on track. I know I should be commenting on the video, but not sufficiently together right now.

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