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Ghanaian President Attah Mills Installed

On midnight of January 6th, in a specially convened session of Parliament, the bi-carmel house switched sides, signaling a transfer of power.

On January 7th, the day I arrived back in the United States, President John Evans Atta Mills was formally inaugurated as President.

I was there for the duration of the elections. On the day I arrived in Ghana, December 7th, a Sunday, the initial elections were held. They were hailed by the election watch commission as a model for democracy throughout the world, and a beacon for fair elections within Africa. A run-off election was held on December 28th. I could tell by the two local polling places I passed that day that Ghanaians had fulfilled their promise and turned out yet again. This, in a country where going to the polling place may involved great expense and sacrifice.

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  1. Thanks for the insight. Who would have thought that an African nation would be the poster child for democracy and fair elections?

    Welcome home!

  2. Thanks...yes....who would have thought?

    Throughout our latest election in the U.S., I know many of us held our breath, hoping and praying for a fair election here. We had it. This helps restore my faith in the reality of American Democracy.

    It was so heartwarming to see the Ghanaians...from every strata of income and life and go not just once but twice to the polls. Extraordinarily inspiring.

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