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Prayer for the 2008 Election

If you find it inspiring, you could include these prayers in your practice for the election.
Naturally, I'm for the Obama-Biden ticket. But, If you find this prayer inspiring, whatever your choices, feel free to use it for the highest good in the American election...for America, and for the world.--Janet

May the outcome of this American election be auspicious and of lasting benefit for America and the world.
Empower those leaders who have the vision and ability to bring about genuine change, reconciliation and peace in America and the rest of the world.

Help them win the presidency and other influential positions of leadership so they can enact both immediate and long term relief.

Give them the insight, clarity, courage and power to overcome their rivals, win the election, and lead with creative and effective solutions.

Grant them the circumstances they need to be able to enact and achieve the changes they envision without obstacle.

May the American people be empowered with discerning wisdom. Expose and undermine the influence of those who use fear to exploit the hearts and minds of Americans.
May all be auspicious for a harmonious future for America and the world.

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  1. A hearty AMEN from me, Janet. Difficult times are ahead for the winners of the elections on Tuesday. We NEED new leadership that will relate honestly and without manipulating Americans with fear to accomplish their secret motives.

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