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Where in the World is Janet? Re-design Time. Join the Riehlife Community Here.


Readers have written---even called!--wanting to know what's going on with me and with the Riehlife site.
As to both, I can say, "We are under construction. Pardon our dust."

First, as to the site, because that's more simple: We're in the process of shifting from a standard blog-column with a website sidebar to a visual format that represents the magazine-nature of Riehlife.

There's a community here--of readers and contributing writers. We wanted to display several categories at once, with our top post currently called "post of the day." Sort of of like the chef's special, you know?

We'll continue to be tweaking the visual design in the weeks to come. We'll be asking you--members of the village, and keepers of the village wisdom--to help. You betcha! I cannot do it alone. As part of the Riehlife community, I welcome your engagement and involvement. But in order to do that, I need a way to get in touch. Kindly send me your name and email and I'll keep you swimming in the current. I promise to keep your information completely confidential and I will NEVER SPAM you! Natch.

Now, about me? I'm in re-design mode, as well. 🙂 My watchwords are:


These are the undergirdings of our Creative Lives. Often the Creative has been romanticized as the Chaotic Child of the Universe. Granted, there is chaos inherent in the creative process.

But, without order and health, we cannot sustain our productive, effective, pursuit of finding ways to share our visions.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your watchwords. They are perfect for me too... but that's no surprise!

  2. Janet,
    Great 'watch' words to go by...I especially value what you said about the need for order and health. To have our creative works come to life, we need to take care of our own life, too.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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