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Space Design Meets Life Design Meets Spiritual Practice: Outer, Inner, Secret, and Innermost Secret

African Offering Goddess
African goddess mask emerging from Botswana basket...greeting and welcoming guests as they enter the Goddess Gathering Room. ---JGR

The phrase "Outer, Inner, Secret, and Innermost Secret" comes from a practice sequence in Tibeten Buddhism.


In the design of space in my apartment, the Outer room in the front room...what most folks would call the "living room." But, for me, it is my Goddess Gathering Room." This is where I recieve guests, entertain, commune. It is my public salon.


The Inner room is my bedroom...very simple. Just a bed from my fathers house and a basket collection from Botswana.


The Secret room is the back room. This is my study, my workroom, my screen room...where I work on the computer and watch TV. This room would conventionally have been the master bedroom.


The Innermost Secret room is a walk-in closet I've converted to my meditation/shrine room.

What are the Outer, Inner, Secret, and Innermost Secret areas of your life as reflected in your living space

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  1. What an absolutely incredible set of images. Gosh this sends me up to my ''secret room'' which is a small area in my bedroom where I have a writing desk, chair and lamp, and under the chair I keep my meditation cushion. Upon the desk stands my Madonna and Child statue alonside images of Kwan Yin and Tara, and a selection of beads with various symbols from a variety of Wisdom traditions. Now I need to go and meditate about the other 3 rooms.....Thanks for the great post!!

  2. Edith, I love the description of your writing desk. It's so intimately connected with your contemplative life.

    I love the images from the Wisdom Traditions: Kwan Yin and Tara, the goddesses of compassion. The Madonna and Child, the archetype of nurturing love.

    Thanks for sharing these with us and come back to visit soon!


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