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Folk Wisdom from N Y Times! Beat the economy with homemade hash and backyard gardens.

The economy has now connected what comes naturally to us folk in the heartland plains with what appears in the most urbane of our nation's heralds. Times are tough? Garden! Make hash!

Here's some downhome wisdom from the Big Apple. Check out today's bits of village wisdom in the NY Times. Breaking news: country goes city!


Video: What to Do With Leftovers
Mark Bittman makes an American classic, hash, from leftovers.


"One organic cucumber is $3 and I can produce it for pennies."
CASSANDRA FEELEY, who planted vegetables in her yard to save money.

Now, that's what I call commonsense cents.

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  1. "Now, that’s what I call commonsense cents."

    I just wanted to say thank you for the compliment!

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