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Riehlife Poem of the Day: Genie Keller’s “Director!”

Violin close-up

Genie Keller, along with being a fine poet, is a longtime family friend. --JGR

by Genie Keller

Within my heart, my very being, throbs the chords of endless music.
In dreamy sections of my thoughts,
my hands and arms direct the stream of notes.
I am engulfed, my heart beats fast,
I plunge into the rhythm of the theme.
My foot taps the sweet succession of the tones,
and I feel the structure of the tune.
My secret is that I am filled with love of sounds.
I become the master of a great symphony.
Who could pray for more?

So, I am surrounded by the instruments that I direct.
For there I am singing the arias with great pleasure.
I am waving my baton to my invisible artists who are bound to me.
And then, with my Allegro’s, Andante’s, Allegretto’s and
Quick little Allegro’s, I feel at home with my musical friends.

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  1. This is a really beautiful poem. Good work!

  2. This author is magnificent!!!

  3. A skillfully written poem by one of my favorite poets!

  4. Music to my ears, as well !!!!!!!!!

  5. Very impressive!

  6. Fantastic poem by a Fantastic person. Keep on imagining Mrs. Keller. It brings us joy to see you have joy. I enjoy her work very much. xoxo donna

  7. The author's life song is one of great joy, just as she is to all who know her.
    Play on!

  8. What a joy to become so involved with the music you hear and then to be able to express it so well in your writing! I feel so fortunate to be one of your friends.

  9. So glad we were able to speak to you tonight so that we were able to read your poem. It truly states what it is to be a director. I have felt this many times when I have been directing music that truly fills my soul. Thanks, Genie, for stating is so eloquently. Jean

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