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Riehlife Contemplation Series…and Lights Out for Earth Hour

Abstraction of Global Africa

I've been harvesting my journals this week. One of the fruits of my harvest is this series of Riehlife contemplations which I hope you'll enjoy and use:

--for cultivating your own contemplations.
--for starting conversations with loved ones and friends.
--for prompting your writing.

What are your foul weather blue sky gifts?
What does your writing/safe haven burrow look like?
What are the rivers you need to cross? Where will you begin?
What are the bumps on the plain? Are they mountains or molehills?

While I always enjoy your emails, I'd also love to have you contribute to the comment-conversation as well.

Check out Susan Tweit's blog on "Earth Hour: Lights Out for a Brighter Future."

Hope we all feel our way around on Google today since it's "Lights Out."

See the transcendent Smithsonian Earth from Space images by clicking here.



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  1. The "lights out" idea was amazing. I know that many cities around the world participated, but wondered if any in the US did. Probably not.

  2. I'm sitting in my "writing haven" looking out at the trees that are just beginning to "leaf" (if that's a proper term. but you know what I mean!)

    Yesterday, I saw the most vivid cardinals flitting around, eager for warm weather. It's nice when singing birds drown out intrusive early morning sounds, such as the backhoes and concrete trucks that are building a storage facility much too close to our private community, or a TV morning show giving us all the bad news from overnight.

    I went outside this morning and sat on the steps and just listened. Backhoes, sirens, TV's, barking dogs?? Huh-uh. The birds won.

  3. Picked this up off google: "In keeping with the lights-out theme, San Francisco is one of four primary U.S. cities that will participate in Earth Hour on Saturday..."

    Read the entire article here:

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