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Riehlife Contemplation: Foul Weather Blue Sky Gifts

burrow-diagram.jpgriver3.jpgAphroditesalt-and-pepper-houses-painted-weblog.jpgTwo peas in a pod open to the wind and whirl.DragonflySt. Francis of Assissi (I imagine him blessing Pancho’s Sister.)

The world offers itself to your imagination.
Offers to you. You offer back. You offer up.

The world opens up to you.
You open in return, to the world.

The world is a gift
if only you are there, present and open,
waiting and willing,
vulnerable and strong
to catch and harvest what is offered.

The lyrical early spring day with rain spits down my windshield so lightly
I manually flick the switch every five minutes.

The rain comes from dark clouds.
Above those are blue sky forever.
I see it when I fly.
We fly up and over the foul weather.

That's one way.

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  1. I love how you bring the earth and nature, things we too often take for granted into you poetry and your thought-provoking blogs. I wrote today on my blog about how I distance myself from my feelings, and how writing brings me back. I think as a society we also distance ourselves from the natural world, and in so doing, distance ourselves from our inner selves and end up living superficially, without a deep emotional understanding of who we are. I'm speaking for myself, of course. When I take the time to get in touch with nature, see the soft rain spitting on my windshield from the dark clouds—and take the time to notice—I find metaphors for my inner life, the part that matters. What care we should be taking of the earth we live upon! Our souls are connected to it. I have a bookmark with an Indian proverb that means much to me. "Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents; it was loaned to you by your children."

    You ended today's blog with three important words: "That's one way" to see the clear sky above the clouds. Of course that begs the question, What are other ways? Seeking the answer is a great writing prompt and a life prompt, too.

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