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“Hungry,” by Alethea Eason reviewed by 13-year old Emily Robbins on Reader Views Kids

Here are two links to learn more about the wierd and wonderful world of my friend Alethea Eason's book "Hungry".

Hungry by Alethea Eason
HUNGRY by Alethea Eason

1) Click here to read a review of HUNGRY by Alethea Eason on Reader Views by 13-year-old Emily Robbins.

This review was just picked up by Reuters. Way to go, Alethea! How does the world look from Chile where she has recently re-located? Find out on Alethea's new blog

2) Also, read the Riehlife post on Alethea's book in 2007.

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  1. I am so disappointed not to have met Alethea before she headed to Chile! I missed her reading here in Santa Rosa and hoped to catch her at another and then comes your news! Our daughter's sister-in-law and family are in Chile; her husband is from there. I'll have to see just where they are and see if Marin meets Lake!
    I enjoyed her blog....Arletta

  2. Arletta,

    I would love to meet you as well. Please keep in touch.


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