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Pigheaded Pills and Other Personality Patent Medicine (Conversation Starter)

If you could choose some aspect of your personality to improve...and all it took was taking a pill, what would you choose? Choose something fun.

Pig-headedness, say?

Tell us the trait you'd like pills developed for to make you just a little bit nicer to be around. Just don't make me agree with you. At least not until I take my Pigheaded Pills, okay?

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  1. Being late. I'd like a "Get Up and Go Right Now" pill" to get me out the door on time.

  2. Actually, I have just stopped taking angry pills. It seems that every time I took one it acted like poison, and I expected someone else to die. I am not refilling my perscription.

  3. Actually, I could use a brightly-colored assortment of pills for bossiness, obstinacy, opinionation (I just made up that word, and I like it), and interrupt-the-speaker-itis. Could they be flavored like butterscotch Life Savers, pretty please? 🙂

  4. Yes, the butterscotch life saver interrupt-the-speaker-itis pills might be good...or maybe some pills to slip the person I'm speaking to so they might look my way to llisten.

  5. A peppermint flavored 'complainitis' bright give me the pep I need to see the good drivers on the road and the kindness here and out there.

  6. I'd take procrastinatitis, so I do things on schedule rather than when they are urgent. I'd also like some assertiviatis, which I hear will help me say "No" to work more often.

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