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Riehl on “African Culture of Story”—Guest blog post in two parts on Damaria Senne’s “Story Pot”

Damaria Senne and I have been having a good time swapping guest posts. She appeared earlier of Riehlife in a post about finding relatives in unexpected places. If you missed it the first time, you can find it here.

Damaria Senne
Damaria Senne, of Johannesburg, South Africa

Damaria has posted an extensive 2-part interview with me on a topic dear to both of our hearts: "African Culture of Story." I invite you to read both parts here...and keep on reading. She's quite a gal.

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  1. I think the photo of you that Damaria used on her site should be posted on your blog. That's a face everyone can love! The interview reveals that you have been the change we all want to see, with your giving and teaching. I know there are many who will never forget you and your work.

  2. Hi Janet,

    Your site is amazing. I could spend hours traveling through Africa reading your posts.

    I Googled Susan Tweit and it looks like I could get lost on her site, too. Thanks for sharing.

    Yes, I'd love to guestpost on Riehlife. RIEHLIFE - now that's clever branding.

    Happy Trails,


  3. Wow, what a wonderful site!! Looks like I need to come back and dive in more. I so love the picture of Damaria. I could just squeeze her with a big hug!!

  4. Janet you have a cool site and a wonderful guest poster in Damaria. I love to read her stories.

  5. A big tight hug for you too, Barb. Thanks Janet for introducing me to this wonderful community. Hey Hal! Thanks for your comments on my blog.

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