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Cool Doctors: You gotta love a doctor who…

Okay, here's a fun little game you can play with our regular readers. Speaking with a friend over the phone, we started this list. If you'd like to join in, just hit the comment button and add to the list.

Antique figure of doctor in a lab coat studying an X-ray
(Enesco collectible from


...wears a tasteful diamond stud in his ear.

...writes on his chart with the lights turned off when your eyes are tired and your head hurts.

...has a cool name, like "Quito" and uses it.

In other words, you gotta love a doctor who is and acts like a human being.

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  1. ...saves your life. At the end of the the end of a long professional meeting...dead tired....Dr. Veit came to the hospital, lay down on the bed next to me, and very casually twiddled with the pump for my stomach that had stopped working until he fixed it. After a life-threatening operation this stomach pump was my life-line. Dr. Veit safed my life.

  2. ...says after an examination..."Erwin, I don't know what's wrong with you, but it's none of the things we usually operate for." --Dr. Moore


    ...who says, "Well, Mr. Thompsons, you'll die with it, not of it."

  3. who asks about your husband and kids and really listens.

  4. Oh, I thought you said, "You gotta love Dr. Who." Oh well.... 🙂

  5. I love a doctor who doesn't laugh when he asks me to take my clothes off from the waist down and assume the female position during my annual exam!

  6. who warms the speculum for you pap smear

    You didn't ask what I want in a doctor, but I'll share anyhow.
    I want a doctor who, if when reading the paper one day. sees my name in the obits, recognizes it and knows without a doubt that he had nothing to do with putting it there.

    I'm part of Yvonne's tour and I hope you'll visit my blog at and see what lunacy goes on there.

  7. ...isn't related to me! Half my family went to medical school, and I mention I'm down with a cold, every one of them (with the best of intentions) will attempt to fix me. Sometimes, a doctor should just let you get better on your own.

  8. Listens when you talk.

  9. ...who doesn't prescribe "depression" when you go to him/her with a complaint about lethargy and weight gain. (This happened to me... after a million blood tests turned out I'm allergic to gluten! My life has done a 180 degree shift for the better since eliminating wheat from my diet).


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