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Recipe for Bachelorette Scrambled Eggs

Bachelor/Bachelorette Scrambles is a recipe for those times when you wish to cacoon in your chrysalis and perhaps there is little in your refrigerator except eggs. For me, this is comfort food. What I love about Bachelor Scrambles is the simplicity...and the texture that comes from scrambling the eggs directly in the iron skillet.

You will need:
2 eggs
olive oil
a small iron skilet
a spatula
a stove

To serve: small towel and spoon

Here's what you do:

1. Place iron skillet on burner and ignite burner.
2. Pour oil in skillet. Heat slightly.
3. Crack eggs into skillet and after they have just started to cook, begin to scramble, sprinkling some salt on the eggs
in between stirs.
4. When the eggs are to the consistency of your liking, take the skillet off the burner.
5. Place a small towel on your lap and eat your Bachelorette-Scrambles right out of the skillete with the spoon.
6. Add toast if desired.
7. Butter toast if the mood strikes you.
8. Say, "Ah."

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  1. Inspired on a non-breakfast day, this old married lady wandered into the kitchen and plunked margarine into the iron frying pan, broke a couple of large eggs into the yellow now-liquid, added fresh ground pepper(salt is bad for us!) and let it rip. The toasted onion-poppy seed roll got another dose of margarine and so began brunch.....with a fork.

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