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Riehl’s story “Driving Lessons” is Editor’s Choice this week at Traveler’s Tales

Abstraction of Global Africa

This spring my story "Driving Lessons" won Bronze Award for Family Travel in the First Annual Solas Awards sponsored by Travelers Tales.

If you missed "Driving Lessons" the first time, read it on the Travelers Tale site by clicking here for "Janet Riehl's Flying Carpet Tales".

Their tagline for the story is "The lessons of childhood are never forgotten."

What I find a hoot are the ad-links associated with the article on this site. We have "silence squeaky noises," "learn stick shift," "tractor parts and engine kits," "African Truck Adventures," and a St. Louis Land Rover dealer. I think they must rotate, because when I've clicked on the site several times in preparing this post, the ads keep changing...except for the silence the squeaking wheel one.

"Driving Lessons" tells how my father taught me to double clutch on a Land Rover while we were driving on safari in Botswana through deep sand tracks. At its heart, it's a story about overcoming fear and finding courage. Driving in these difficult conditions, I'm bolstered by the strength, skill, and love of a good man--a good father--who never treated his daughters any differently than his son.

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  1. Congratulations! Your story has legs. Or, in this case, perhaps we should say wheels?

  2. Janet,
    I was gripping my laptop! What a wonderful story and tribute to your
    dad as "master horse tamer." You're just a chip off the ol' block! Thanks so much for the great read. Beautiful writing.

  3. What a great story, Janet. Your father sounds really special and your
    writing is terrific--kept me engaged (like a clutch) all the way through.


  4. Yay, Janet! Congratulations! That's certainly a well-deserved honor
    for a touching story.

  5. What a heart warming story. So glad I stumbled on your blog:-))

    Thanks Di

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