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Meet Guest Bloggers Janet Muirhead Hill and Nancy Connally who visit Riehlife while Janet travels to New Mexico to read at the Sunflower Poetry Workshop and Poets & Writers Picnic

While I'm away in New Mexico, I'm leaving you in the capable hands of two sister members of Women Writiing the West.

For the first four days, enjoy the wisdom of Guest Blogger Janet Muirhead Hill, author of the Miranda and Starlight series of six books and Danny's Dragon, a story of wartime loss.

Janet Muiread Hill, author

As a seasoned writer Janet Muirhead Hill is a good resource to give advice on how to use criticism and spring back from rejection. In the following days, she'll share:

Monday, August 20th (today)--Why writers are so sensitive to rejection.

Tuesday, August 21st --How to use criticism and spring back from rejection.

Wednesday, August 22nd--Categories of critics a writer meets

Thursday--How writers can--and must--separate our personhood from our work when receiving and using criticism.

Then, from Friday through Sunday, Nancy Connally takes over with a case study on several critiques she recently received and insights she gained throughout the process.

Nancy Connally, Guest Blogger

As a companion piece, you might like to read my essay on "The Art of Critique." --JGR

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  1. This sounds intriguing. Because critiques can be so abused, it's good to throw some common sense light on the subject. I'm in.

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