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“If I Am Not a Glimmer,” light verse


If I am not a Glimmer,
So I have to be a Shimmer.
And if I am not a Shimmer,
I must be a Himmer.

And if I am not a Himmer,
I must be a Jimmer.
And if I am not a Jimmer,
I must be a Chimmer.

And if I am not a Chimmer,
What am I?

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  1. "If I am not a glimmer..." I predict this young writer has a glimmering future ahead.

  2. Maggie -and Amelia -do seem to show great signs of purpetuating future generations with the family talents.

  3. Hi Maggie,
    It sounds like you are a fantastic simmer from the exceptional world of yiemmer...
    With Chi,

  4. Webster defines Yiem as matter. It is the primordial material substance from which all elements are supposed to have been derived. So that would make us all Yiemmers, right? Maggie at seven is simmering, growing into a fantastic version of one of us yiemmers.

  5. Dear Maggie,
    It is plain to see that if you are not a Chimmer, you are most wonderfully a "Rymmer" of the poetical sort. Congratulations on starting your writing career so early and so nicely!

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