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Lemonade Haircut in the Central West End, my new neighborhood

As part of my welcome move-in packet for West End Terrace, I recieved a 20 per cent off coupon for a haircut and styling at Lemon, a salon just a few blocks from me up on Euclid. Even with the discount, the price is 1/3 more than I'm used to paying in Lake County in Northern California. But, hey, this is the big city, no?

As part of getting ready for my 40th high school reunion this weekend, I decided it was time to get a haircut, and I'd rather walk than drive. So, Lemon it is, at least for today.

Lemon serves lemonade while you wait for your stylist...who is young, thin, and beautifully tatooed. Whitney said, "Could you just walk me through your daily styling routine?"

"Uh? Oh, yeah...well, once a week I shampoo it while I'm in the shower and dry it when I get out. I'm a no-fuss kinda-gal."

Our consultation continues and I show her how I like to wear my hair and what its little quirks, waves, and cowlicks are. Mostly, it's just really thick and I'm ready for my summer swimming cut.

"I think I have a shape in mind," she says, and off we go. When she finishes, I ask her, "So, what's the name of the shape?" It's a no-name shape, but she has razored it and sheared it (that's with scissors). She puts a little product on it for good measure. I'm fascinated by the progression of the three-types of product. To their credit, they don't try to sell me any product.

But, when I go home and look in the mirror I decide the side-slant looks like the comb-out of a guy trying to hide his bald spot. So, I wash out all the product and go swimming. Haircut towels dry just beautifully.

Never did get the recipe for their lemonade, but folks, I think it's from a mix.

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  1. Here's my favorite lemonade:
    Lots of freshly squeezed lemons with the pulp still in, but maybe not the seeds...and such enough sugar in it make my mouth pucker.

    I think you catch the air of salons with attitude, but glad you got a good cut.

  2. Making your lemonade out of that haircut took some doing but you did it! Here's to a great reunion...and how did you wear your hair 40 years ago???

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