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8 Random Facts Meme–Blog Tag Update

Susan Gallacher-Turner posted her 8 Random Facts for the Meme Tag on Wednesday, July 25th. She calls it "Playing Tag for Grown-Ups." I like that. Susan's blog is Susan's Art and Words. She has wonderful photos of her colorful and fanciful sculptures.

Billy Jones, the Blogging Poet just posted his 8 random facts and explains the purpose of the meme tag in internet terms really well. He has some interesting links to follow and you can see the three books he's writeen. He's a fun guy, and was kind enough to post a poem of mine once.

Hal Manogue (Living an Ordinary Life in a Non Ordinary Way) intends to post on Sunday.

Okay, I'm off to tag more folks on the internet playground.

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  1. Wow...I love being 'tagged' colorful and fanciful!!!
    Thanks for playing!

    ps...I think I fixed the link problem. It seems to be working, now.

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