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Women Writing the West Members featured this week on Riehlife: Brotherton, Connally, Dawdy, Fisher, Kirkpatrick, and Tweit

Janet riding Copper. This is the photo my father originally wanted for the cover of “Cattle Country.”

A big round of applause to Comedian-Poet Daniel Holland for being my guest blogger while I was settling into my new digs at West End Terrace in the Central West End of St. Louis. I'll be posting more about that process next week, but this week Riehlife features six members of Women Writing the West.

I originally joined this group as a context for releasing my father's Thompson Western Series, but it's turned out to be an extremely convivial and helpful group of women writers, so I'm happy to feature these half-dozen members this week.

Tuesday, July 17th--Nancy Connally shares her editing tip by recording and an addendum on how to set up your MAC computer to read to you.

Wednesday, July 18th--Riehlife interviews Suzanne Woods Fisher, author of "Copper Star"

Thursday, July 19th--Riehlife interviews Velda Brotherton, author of "Fly with the Mourning Dove"

Friday, July 20th--Riehlife responds to tags by Susan Tweit and Jane Kirkpatrick on the EIGHT RANDOM FACT MEME

Saturday, July 21st--Arletta Dawdy presents her long-awaited historical story poem, "Pancho's Sister." I'm still working out the blogs to tag, so if you want to be tagged, please let me know.

You're invited to follow these talented women throughout the week. Please comment if something strikes you one way or another...we all work hard bringing these items to you and your comments make it even more worthwhile. Don't be shy about commenting directly below the post in the comment section rather than by email. It's very easy to post on my site with no extra hoops such as registration or character recognition to jump through. If you have a website, list it and that will give you yet another link on the web for folks to locate you.


Janet Grace Riehl

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  1. Janet, thanks for supporting the Women Writing the West Community.

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