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“SPACE TIME,” a poem by Daniel Holland


Through the enchanted forest of postcards
I project frames
to each picture of time and space.

I can control what I do with time:
most of the time.

But what about an afternoon
of road construction delays?

Or, I'm waiting in line at the grocery store
and the cashier says, "Price check!"

Or, I'm waiting in line at the bank
and someone starts telling their
life story to the teller?

After a day like that,
I need time to have space.
No construction delays.
No waiting in line.

So, let me be spacey now.
Don't let me know
what time it is.

Because I'm in:
Space Time.

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  1. Daniel, I love this poem. It weaves so well the modern frustrations and the need for down-time, for no-time, for just a little bit of my-time and beyond-time. And, as usual, I enjoy the comic spin you put on it.

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