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“My Dog, My Beagle, My Freckles,” a comic story by Daniel Holland

Freckles, why did you have sex with the poodle next door? Poor puppies have beagle faces and poodle hairstyles.

After the love affair of the poodle, your girlfriend was that St. Bernard. When the St. Bernard jumped on the gray, roughened, falling-down fence, it shook like an earthquake. Freckles came running on all four paws to meet his beloved Bernard.

After all this lovemaking, he got hungry. Freckles spotted a shade tree holding a nest of baby birds. Freckles grabbed the bark with his claws and climbed up to the nest. Coming down, he licked away the baby feathers hanging out his mouth, very satisfied with his meal.

Swarming out of the tree, Mama Bluejay knocked his head with her beak. She pecked Freckles head everyday for the next two-and-a-half months.

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  1. Daniel, what a very particular boyhood memory this is. Good for that Mama bird for letting Freckles know what was what!

  2. Is this something we can expect from our two fixed female beagles? Rhapsody in trees? So far, they've not expanded from cat frenzy, bird-napping and rat-catching.
    A blue-jay sat on the head of our 18 month old son, in his blue pj's, while camping some 34 years ago...guess he thought Jess was a very big competing jay!

  3. How true about a beagle! There cute and mysterious all the time, but loyal with the owner.

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