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Learning to Crawl and Talk–by Daniel Holland


LEARNING TO CRAWL -- When I was little, I liked crawling and was able to crawl really fast. All the big people towering over me kept trying to get me to walk and stand up. The only time I would stand up is when no one was around. Crawling was my favorite way to get around. But I did not think that it would be as practical outside with all the potholes.

LEARNING TO TALK -- Adults keep repeating words to little kids trying to get them to talk. But kids aren't birds. They aren't parrots. What if a kid's first words were "Polly want a cracker?" instead of "Mommy" or "Daddy"?

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  1. Daniel, I love your childlike perspective on walking and talking....and the twist you give it. What if we adults are really just annoying little kids with our prattle? What if kids are perfectly able to walk, but just prefer to crawl? Interesting thoguhts.

  2. If our 14 month-old granddaughter wants me to stop prattling at her, she better speak up! I mean, there's all that counting and repeating of colors as she hands me the three rings for her stacking toy, over and over again. So, I keep announcing each one. If she's bored, she can always go back to her Lion King and move him from cup to cup, over and over, giggling all the while, right? Here's looking at you, kid!

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