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Don’t Box Me In–Medica/ta/tion Blues–by Daniel Holland


I was in my boxers enjoying my box turtle while eating my box lunch before the big boxing match on TV. But there was this old TV show "Let's Make a Deal" and I wanted to know what was in box number 1.

Imagine somebody took away the computers, pens and pencils. The only writing instrument you could use was the big crayon. What will be the cool crayon? The crayon of power, the wealthy crayon?

Years ago, my mom told me the piggy story about my toes. going to the market. She didn't tell me about these piggies waiting in the DMV offiice, waiting in banks.

Years later these little piggies are tired. My little piggies need to soak in water. I want my piggies to be happy again. Now I understand that little piggy that complains.

Me and my dog need medication...or maybe cope with the world. After medica/ta/tion the world looks less hazy while being more lazy. I step back and see the world in a still.

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  1. Daniel, what a clever use of words! You really like to use puns, don't you? It's interesting how there's a twist here from the time of infancy and safety with the mother to the grappling with the greed of conglomerates. Yes, the "crayon of power, the wealthy crayon" which one is it? I agree that meditation....sometimes even medication when you have to...helps cope with this grasping world when you release the grasping through meditation.

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