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Visualization: Coming Home to Your Childhood Room

This is the visualization we used in my "Always Coming Home" workshop at the Land Full of Stories Conference for the Story Circle Network in San Marcos, Texas.

Drop into your breath and come home to your body. Release places of tension. Go to the place where you feel most at home...either inside or outside at anytime in your life. Now go to your childhood home. Enter the house. Look carefully at the doorway. You are on the threshhold of another time, place, and way of being. What does the doorhandle lok like/feel like? what do you feel like as you enter this home? Go inside and explore the rooms oneby one until you come to your childhood room. what does this doorknob feel like in your hand? What does the door look like? What feelings arise as you step over the threshold? What do you see? Feel? Smell? Touch? Hear? Know? Come back to the room and write about your experience.

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  1. Yes. I'm there. So many feelings and sensations rush in for me.

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