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Ruth and Erwin Thompson’s 65th Wedding Anniversary, No Matter What!

Erwin and Ruth Thompson snuggle up on a past wedding anniversary

June 6th, all my natural-born life, has been my parents' wedding anniversary. Mother died last year on May 1st, 2006, very close to what would have been their 64th wedding anniversary.

June 6th is one of the few dates of the year that I have not only memorized, but have etched in some deep recess inside me. This date will always be Ruth and Erwin Thompson's wedding anniversary, no matter where they are, on earth or in heaven, one or both of them.

No matter what, these folks were married and nothing's ever gonna tear them apart.

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  1. It is interesting how dates become fixed in our experience. For me, with a September birthday and the start of school, the "new year" always began the day after Labor Day, not January 1. I don't go to school anymore and I could stop counting birthdays, but still September and Fall ring in the new year for me!

  2. Even though your mom is no longer here on Earth, it’s still alright to celebrate their supposedly 64th wedding anniversary. I’m pretty sure she will like it, wherever she is. Your dad will love it too.

    You might think I’m an intruder here but I was just attracted to post in since my parents’ wedding anniversary falls on June 7. However, they didn’t make it to their 60th or so anniversary. The reasons – there are lots of them to mention. And most of these reasons aren’t worthy of my time or memory. As much as possible I want to erase them from my mind.

    Just like you, my mom is already up there watching us. I know she’s still searching for the best guy for me. Perhaps that’s the reason why I’m still single at the age of 25.

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