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Day 40 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–How to Choose and Focus Creative Projects

Isabella Mori is a psychotherapist and writer. Her blog "change therapy" deals with the wide range of experience of our inner lives, from the joyous " 9 ways to feed the spirit to the academic 10 paradoxes of creative people , from the hopeful recovering anorexia to the amusing Inspired by Dr. Suess.
Special interests on the blog are spirituality, the arts, peace, gender issues, as well as body image and eating disorders. Isabella hosts the monthly Carnival of Eating Disorders, a readers' digest of blog posts on topics related to eating disorders.

One of the wonderful attributes of being an artist is that we are interested in so many things. This is much of what fuels our creativity. However, sometimes, these often very widely diverging interests become overwhelming and it feels like we're drowning in ideas. Isabella and Eric chat about applying Ten Zen Second techniques to the question of choice and focus.

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