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“I Remember”–the nurse & the visiting schoolmate

The Nurse Remembers

I remember the first meeting, as we signed her up…being in silence as I took her vitals and did the paperwork. Her cancer was so large when we found it, you could see it in her breast. We talked about her pain.

I remember when she first was wheeled in to the nursing home, so tall in her wheelchair.
I will look like that when my time comes. She was such a lady.

I remember discussing her fears, losses, and her hopes. She talked about Hawaii.
We gave her a Hawaiian birthday party.

I remember being sad when I left from visiting her, wishing I could do more.

I remember I regretted not knowing her when she was well, and so never really knew her, not completely. Was that when she was happiest? During the war, when she married your father?

I remember sitting with her as she died.

The School Mate Remembers

I remember she selected a small circle of friends.
We sat near the window in the cafeteria.

I remember she loved vibrant colors. I lusted after her purple sweater.

I remember when she was booed off the stage at the talent show.

I remember when she ran for class president, and lost, but looked great in her new haircut.

She was the teacher’s favorite.

I remember when I slept at her house and her brother overheard all the secrets we told.
I could always confide in her, and she in me.
I remember when we were sitting in the library and she told me she was pregnant.

She loved animals, especially horses.

She was a great basketball player.
I remember when she beat me at tennis.

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  1. Janet,

    I am amazed at how continually productive and hugely creative you are. Congratulations on moving forward and speaking for so many.

    Much love from Ken

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