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World Audience Interviews Janet Grace Riehl: “The Poetry of Life and Death, from the author of ‘Sightlines’ a book that discovers the peace following a trauma.”

After Ernest Dempsey reviewed "Sightlines: A Poet's Diary" on TCM Reviews, we struck up an email correspondence. We began to find out that even though we are from different generations (I am old enough to be his mother), and different cultures (he lives in Pakistan, and I'm in the USA), that we shared many values in common, particularly values surrounding family life, care taking, dying and death.

Ernest offered to interview me about my book and my feelings on some of these topics. The short form first appeared on World Audience, the publisher of Ernest's new book The Biting Age., a collection of short satires.

A longer, more in-depth version of our interview later appeared on Standard-Freelancer titled--"The Poetry of Life and Death: An Interview with JANET GRACE RIEHL, author of Sightlines, a book that discovers the peace following a trauma."

World Audience is cool in that it's a consortium of writers and artists that publishes the quarterlies Audience, The Review, and books by writers from around the world. World Audience publishes plays, poetry, short stories, books, articles, and interviews. Go to their site and find out how to join and how to submit work--of whatever length.

Later in the month I'll be posting a review of Ernest Dempsey's The Biting Age, an excerpt from the book, and an interview with him. Stay tuned!

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  1. In our developed world it is hard to anchor one's life in family history. Your farm family legacy may give you a leg up on this but, as we see, you bring your Buddhist practice to bear in an effort that must every day find you trying to keep it real. I wish you well as you return to your Midwestern roots, being both respectful of it and as a teacher with a needed vision.

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